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Product Category

Pvc pipe with galvanized steel spiral, polyester fibers, black inside-outside, very flexible and strong.

Delivery suction for slurry from the tank wagon and Biogas plants.

Temperatures -25 °C +60 °C

Prices are per linear meter ( ROLLS OF 20 MT AND 30 MT ) 

prices are per piece ( 2 MT and 3 MT )

Options available

SKUMTD.PRICE PER METERPRICE PER PIECEPrezzoQuantitàAggiungi al carrello
PVCVACUF10222 MT102X62,00 
PVCVACUF10233 MT102X93,00 
PVCVACUF12022 MT120X85,00 
PVCVACUF12033 MT120X125,00 
PVCVACUF15222 MT152X115,00 
PVCVACUF15233 MT152X170,00 
PVCVACUF07630 MT76X23,50 
PVCVACUF04530 MT45X12,40 
PVCVACUF06030 MT60X20,00 
PVCVACUF08030 MT80X25,80 
PVCVACUF10230 MT102X31,00 
PVCVACUF12020 MT120X41,60 
PVCVACUF12720 MT127X49,00 
PVCVACUF15220 MT152X56,70